Frequently Asked Questions

The data is encrypted using SSL encryption similar to any major financial institutions. The customer defines who has access to their database and what they have access to within it. To ensure complete transparency and accountability, all access into a customer database is audited and stored indefinitely within the database audit log for the customer to see.

The MyGeotab application was designed to run in your device’s web browser. This means that the software will be accessible to you at regardless of your location, computer, or mobile device. Please note that the device that you are using requires an active internet connection. A special App has also been developped for Android devices - search MyGeotab on GooglePlay

The MyGeotab map refreshes every 15 seconds in the browser. The device itself will send updates at varying intervals depending on driver behavior or vehicle health. At a minimum, the Geotab GO device updates its location at least once every 100 seconds while driving. The more the direction or speed changes, the more often the location will update.
Using the ProPlus, using the Active Tracking feature, you can also track your vehicle in real time, second per second.

No, the GO device will go into sleep mode when the vehicle is turned off and will only draw 5 mA of current. A typical car battery has a capacity of 50 Ah, which means it will take over a year before the device can come close to depleting the battery.

In the US, the Moss Magnuson Warranty Act of 1975 specifically prohibits manufacturers from voiding the warranty due to aftermarket additions to the vehicle. Furthermore, Geotab has spent considerable time ensuring that our products cannot cause harm to the vehicle.

Almost all vehicle types are supported, although older vehicles may have less engine data available. For vehicles that do not have the standard OBDII connector, Geotab offers custom harnesses that allow you to connect the device into the vehicle’s diagnostic port. Geotab also provides a special 3-wire harness that is connected directly to the vehicle battery for power and allows you to connect the GO device to vehicles that do not have a diagnostic port.

The GPS GO device installs easily in your vehicle by simply plugging in to your OBDII port. Depending on your vehicle, some larger commercial trucks require an additional harness. You can learn more about the installation process as it relates to your vehicles by contacting us with the vehicle's VIN

The GO device will figure out that it has been plugged into another vehicle when it detects new VIN information from the vehicle. Once the GO device learns that it is in a new vehicle, it will automatically recalibrate itself using its built-in accelerometer to determine its new orientation in order to detect acceleration events properly. Finally, the GO device will reset its previously held engine data, such as the odometer value, and will begin logging the values that it receives from the new vehicle.
In the software interface, device management is now automated. When the GO device detects a new VIN, it will automatically create a new vehicle in MyGeotab, eliminating the need to manually perform this change.

Availability of the data will depend on vehicle type, make, model and year. The full list is available here: Logged Vehicle Data.

Yes, anybody can receive reports via email. When turning on an existing rule, click the mail button to define email recipients. When creating a rule from scratch, select the notifications tab and select Add email to add recipients.

Yes, Geotab offers HOS and DVIR solutions for those businesses that own or operate heavy commercial vehicles and are looking to improve their regulatory compliance and CSA score. Geotab provides HOS on specific Garmin Devices. Geotab also offers an application on Android devices through Geotab Drive. For more information, please see our device options page.