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Pour une Gestion de Votre Flotte Optimisée et de Qualité Le Système de Suivi de Flotte SANS Soucis et SANS Contract!

La solution de suivi GPS pour vous installation facile      economique     

Notre solution de gestion de flotte par systéme GPS Our live tracking solution is certainly the most versatile and easiest to use you will find. It is the best suited for dispatching, emergency situations or for theft prevention but will also allow you to improve you fleet utilization.
The data is updated every few seconds, enabling you to know at all times where the vehicle is, and what is happening on the road.

How Our GPS Tracking Works

Easy Plug and Play Installation

No downtime - no hassle. Just plug and play. Installs on any vehicle in seconds.

Real-time tracking

Know where your assets are at any given time. That's what management is.

Route planning

Dispatch your closest driver, and have routes calculated automatically while considering traffic.

How It Will Improve Your Business

Improve Productivity

Verify employee start and finish times, plan more efficient routes.

Reduce Costs

Save on fuel costs, vehicle repairs and maintenance, and even insurance rates.

Better Customer Service

Give customers accurate ETA's & know exactly how long an employee was at their location.